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EuroMillion Number prediction based on 52 previous results

EuroMillions Lottery Predictions

The number predictions could be based on 20 previous results like this image...

However you can also get predictions based on: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 - all the way to ALL 474 previous results in EuroMillions... It's all as simple, as selecting number of EuroMillion previous results from a select box.

The longer a red bar is - the higher percentage the number has been picked in the EuroMillion Lottery. If you hover your mouse over a red bar, you will get additional information from that specific EuroMillion number - for instance, when it were picked in the last XX EuroMillion previous results and how many previous results has passed since last draw of that number. This will give you a pretty good indicator of how "cold" that number is in EuroMillions. Also - you can easily spot "hot" numbers, for example - if the number has been picked five times in the last ten EuroMillion previous results it would be "hot".

Number prediction based on 52 previous results in EuroMillion You will be able to browse what number, an graphical indicator (the red bar above) of the % it has been picked - a total percentage in numbers (i.e. 38.46 %) and total times the number has been picked in the selected number of previous results in EuroMillions. You can also browse the prediction of EuroMillion Lucky Star numbers - on the same page in Lucky Stars section - showing in yellow bars. See an example here to the right.
Browse all the 474 EuroMillions previous results

Browse all the 474 EuroMillions results

The very first EuroMillions draw were Friday 13th of February 2004. Since then, the Euromillions has been drawn a staggering 473 more times.

Browse all the 474 EuroMillions results here, or you can chose to browse all the drawings per year, 2004 · 2005 · 2006 · 2007 · 2008 · 2009 · 2010 · 2011 · 2012 · 2013 · 2014 · 2015 · 2016 · 2017 · 2018 · 2019.

The latest EuroMillion draw were Friday 6th of April 2012.

Unlike other sites I have no problem letting my users browse all the EuroMillion results avalible.

Will it cost me ANYTHING?

No this site is totally free - it will cost you nothing other than the necessary fee to play EuroMillions.

This site is 100 % free, made purely for the fun of it. But of course, you are always welcome to tip a friend or two.

You will browse my predictions on what numbers to play, but you will have to play the game as you do normally - but with the advantage of having some statistics of what numbers were picked the most, which percentage these has been picked and most likely by doing so - being able to get a better success rate when playing EuroMillions. More information.
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