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What is the top picked Euromillions lottery numbers?

I quiet often get questions about EuroMillions lottery, so I have decided to answer them on this site, so everyone can read them and find them fast and easy. Benefit for everyone ehh?

25. November 2011 10:56

Question: What is the top picked Euromillions lottery numbers?


That really is a pretty good question, because - it depends a lot on how long back you want me to tell you what the top picked numbers are?


So - heres some examples, what you need to look for - is the longest red bar like on this image to the right.


Based on 400 results or how about most picked numbers based on 50 results (Thats just 25 weeks) 


When you use the drop down menu in the above two pages, you can change how many results you want to count in amongst the top picked. 

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