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EuroMillions - questions and answers FAQ

I quiet often get questions about EuroMillions lottery, so I have decided to answer them on this site, so everyone can read them and find them fast and easy. Benefit for everyone ehh?

These are the most recent questions:

25. November 2011 10:56 - What is the top picked Euromillions lottery numbers? - That really is a pretty good question, because - it depends a lot on how long back you want me to tell you what the top picked numbers are?... [read more]
24. November 2011 23:07 - What are the odds of winning in EuroMillions? - To be totally bold, theres a pretty bad chance of winning in the EuroMillions, HOWEVER - when you win the big price, you win REAL money - and a lot of it.... [read more]
24. November 2011 22:35 - What is Euromillions? FAQ - EuroMillions is a lottery that spans over a lot of European countries. It consists of five (5) main numbers from 01 to 50 and two (2) \... [read more]

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