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What is Euromillions? FAQ

I quiet often get questions about EuroMillions lottery, so I have decided to answer them on this site, so everyone can read them and find them fast and easy. Benefit for everyone ehh?

24. November 2011 22:35

Question: What is EuroMillions?



EuroMillions is a lottery that spans over a lot of European countries. 


It consists of five (5) main numbers from 01 to 50 and two (2) "lucky stars" from 1 to 11


The "lucky stars" it used to be from 1 to 9 until 10th of May 2011.


When I say its spans over European countries, I mean its pan-European over the following countries that participate: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This makes ofcourse the prizes a lot larger than the individual prizes in any normal national lottery.


Playing EuroMillions will set you back €2 for every entry you make in the lottery.


Because the main prize in EuroMillions -  "Jackpot"  pool is "rolled over" to the next draw if there is no jackpot winner, prizes can - after a few weeks without a winner - be as high as 50 million Euros or even higher...


The minimum jackpot size in EuroMillions - is €15.000.000 - but it will grow with an isane rate.


History of EuroMillions

Euromillions started February 13th 2004 and has been drawn 435 times when writing this article.


Euromillions started recently to be bi-weekly on tuesdays and fridays.


To win something, a player will need to guess at least 3 numbers out of 7 (5 numbers + 2 stars) correct.


Yours Sincerely

Tom Frank Christensen

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